Diligent, Tenacious, and Meticulous

Bryan Bio

Bryan Bergman helps clients and businesses of any size at all stages of the business lifecycle with a laser focus on helping to maximize profitability. He approaches every transaction and situation with compassion and looks to ensure that the outcome not only results in the desired legal outcome, but also works specifically for each client’s unique situation. Whether its forming or re-structuring an entity, working through a strategic partnership or contract deal, raising investment/debt, selling or acquiring a business, or many other transactions, Bryan always endeavors to be flexible and ensure he gets the best results possible. Bryan’s role as a civil litigator for close to twenty years further informs his deftness at navigating difficult situations and resolve issues short of litigation.

One unique puzzle Bryan loves helping solve are marital dissolutions that could affect the operation or profitability of a business or specific asset. Bryan assists professional service providers and couples who are in the midst of (or contemplating) divorce and have difficult asset division concerns or business issues that cannot be solved by the traditional buyout or divide-in-kind remedies typically utilized by family law practitioners. His business skill set alongside 17+ years as a high-conflict, family law litigator has made Bryan indispensable to family law professionals and divorcing couples needing creative, win-win solutions to challenging asset and business divisions.

Bryan speaks regularly on industry-related topics and educates operators and other professionals, including attorneys and accountants. His clients enjoy access to his deep network of professional service experts. Bryan has also extensive experience serving a variety of industries, especially the cannabis industry, where he has built a strong reputation for deep knowledge and zealous client advocacy.

During his legal studies at UC Hastings, Bryan was published in a distinguished law journal for an article on digital sampling, was president of the Association of Communications, Sports and Entertainment Law (ACSEL), worked closely with the school administration on new admissions, organized charity concerns to benefit the First Five Foundation, and created MCLE panels that were attended by over 500 individuals. It’s no wonder LA Weekly recently named him a top 10 innovator in his profession in 2023.

Bryan likes to solve puzzles, not just at work, but also relaxing at home with his wife and family. He also plays piano and guitar and loves golf, the outdoors, adventures, sports, and travel.